PerfectHunterRecruitment Co., Ltd.

Reduce the cost of media distribution

Perfect Hunter Recruitment Co., Ltd. well recognizes that in each recruitments when a vacant position is available, the first thing the client company has to do is setting a budget to buy an advertisement for vacant position with the media providers, including budget for telephone contact with the candidate applicants which frequently have to pay a lot per a recruitment for only one position. By setting each budget, no one can confirm whether the applicants will join the client company. Providing that the applicants do not come to join to work, client company must resettle the budget which not only make client waste the time but also client company will pay for a lot of expenses.


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Lighten the load of HR works

Perfect Hunter Recruitment Co., Ltd. can lighten the load of HR works in recruitment a right person to work as follow:

  • Lessen the expenses for advertisement in media and telephone expenses.
  • Save time to advertise, save the duration of phone calls including wasting time to interview unqualified applicants.
  • Lessen frequent resigns of the applicants by reason of applicants might resign before the end of warranty period Perfect Hunter Recruitment Co., Ltd. is pleased to find the replacement without paying any expenses.